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A how-to guide for using literary devices and techniques in your writing. From allusion to zeugma, you’ll learn more terms than you thought existed in the Literature Studies jargon. I studied literature and languages; you can trust me.

Literary Tips: Narrator

Here are my tips on making sure you’ve wrangled together a narrator, along with some questions to help you consider the role of your narrator. // Word Count: 1036 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Narrator

Literary Tips: Description

Sometimes writers get caught up in the small, visual details; fall prey to “white room syndrome”; or have zero balance and over- and under-describe spontaneously. Here are my tips on writing description. // Word Count: 1127 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Description

Self-Editing Tips: Line Edits

Line edits are the edits I know I get distracted to do while revising. Here are my tips on how to approach them after your developmental edits. // Word Count: 879 Continue Reading Self-Editing Tips: Line Edits

How to Use Dreams for Writing

Here are a few tips to adapt your dreams to be used in stories! // Word Count: 600 Continue Reading How to Use Dreams for Writing

Literary Tips: Weaving Plot, Character, and Setting

Tips on how to identify if your conflicts, characters, and setting work together to the benefit of you writing. // Word Count: 506 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Weaving Plot, Character, and Setting

Self-Editing Tips: Developmental Edits

Some tips for the first round of revisions on a novel: developmental edits! // Word Count: 731 Continue Reading Self-Editing Tips: Developmental Edits

A book, latte, and pen on a wooden table with text overlay reading Self-Editing Tips: Developmental Edits

Literary Tips: Symbolism

An overview of how symbolism plays a role in poetry and prose, and how you can strengthen symbols in your own writing. // Word Count: 557 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Symbolism

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