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My own spreads, advice, tips, and link-ups of my favourite resources and inspiration for the bullet journal planning system.

5 Bullet Journal Hacks

Get more out of your planner with some of these bullet journal hacks! They’ll help you stay on track with your life and goals, as well as give you something new to try to avoid planner burnout. One of these bullet journal hacks is probably one you haven’t seen before, since it’s not for your bullet journal. // Photo Count: 4 Continue Reading 5 Bullet Journal Hacks

5 Bullet Journal Hacks

Launching A Patreon

I’ve launched a Patreon page! This post briefly explains my reasons for choosing Patreon, how I hope it supports me in the future, and a bit of what my social media followers can expect with this change. Continue Reading Launching A Patreon

April Bullet Journal Spreads

Even though I’m an artist, April was the first time I added art to my monthly bullet journal layouts! I normally stick to washi tape and marker accents. I added doodles to my monthly bullet journal spreads in the form of flower collage. // Photo Count: 9 Continue Reading April Bullet Journal Spreads

April Bullet Journal Spreads Weekly Monthly BuJo

3 Ways My BuJo Improves My Mental Health

My bullet journal has become an essential tool for maintaining my well-being and actually improving my mental health. Continue Reading 3 Ways My BuJo Improves My Mental Health

3 Ways To Use A Bullet Journal For Mental Health and Improve Mental Illness

March Bullet Journal Spreads

Interested in seeing how I design my bullet journal? Here is a sample viewing of my spreads for March! // Photo Count: 5 Continue Reading March Bullet Journal Spreads

My First Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

At the end of 2017, I was gifted a brand new Leuchtturm to use for my bullet journalling in the new year. I’ve used it for 3 months now and have some thoughts on this very popular bullet journal notebook! Continue Reading My First Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

Bullet Journal Mental Health Tracking

For September, I made in-depth spreads to help track my mental health and wellbeing. They go beyond a checklist to take my meds. // Word Count: 440 // Photo Count: 3 Continue Reading Bullet Journal Mental Health Tracking

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