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Likely a spur-of-the-moment thought, or something entirely random. Maybe a philosophical or motivational gem. I think these are fun.


I’m taking a short break to work on a design for the site, and won’t be blogging until then!

I did have the site in maintenance mode, but wanted to have a few pages available still.

I’m hoping to be done with the new design by the end of February. It’s going to look so nice!

Front-end web design was a huge hobby of mine during my teenage years, and then going into university, I lost the motivation for it and focused my time on writing and schoolwork. Since I graduated, I’ve had time to work on my writing as well as my coding. A lot has changed in the last few years, so I have tons to catch up on and learn. It’s been really invigorating to be learning and playing again.

I’ll see you all in a few weeks!

A Brief Pause

I’m taking a small and spontaneous break from blogging until I can re-center and re-focus myself. Continue Reading A Brief Pause

A Quick Notice

I’m trying Google AdSense on my blog. You’re under no obligation to click on these ads or to whitelist the site with your adblocker. The ads will never be full-page or pop-up, nor will they be greater than a segment of the sidebar.

I’m not sure if I’ll use AdSense for a long period of time, but for right now, I’m testing it out.

Bambi: A Quick Summary

A quick, sarcastic, watered-down, and cuss-word-filled summary of just what happens in Bambi. Continue Reading Bambi: A Quick Summary

Aside: 01-14-2016

A revelation: I’m not going to die or starve if I let my tummy rumble for a bit. Let my body remember the physical cues. This is progress. I am allowed to feel hunger.