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Month In Review: June 2016

June was fast and hot and humid, but the beginning of July shows promise. // Word Count: 427 Continue Reading Month In Review: June 2016

Thin wooden boards with contrasting light and dark brown colouring.

Writing Wednesday 18

Interview with a character: Harlow // Word Count: 213 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 18

Snarky Thoughts

A collection of negative thoughts and commentaries that I’ve been saving up. Some other words for this post would be “venting” or “ranting.” // Word Count: 624 Continue Reading Snarky Thoughts

Bullet Journal 101: Getting Started

Getting started on the bullet journal can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of stuff out there that can contribute to the BuJo. Even the original website has a ton of information to sift through. Here’s my take on what you need to get started quickly and easily. // Word Count: 1,123 Continue Reading Bullet Journal 101: Getting Started

Bullet Journal 101 Series on CorylDork

A Quick Notice

I’m trying Google AdSense on my blog. You’re under no obligation to click on these ads or to whitelist the site with your adblocker. The ads will never be full-page or pop-up, nor will they be greater than a segment of the sidebar.

I’m not sure if I’ll use AdSense for a long period of time, but for right now, I’m testing it out.

Writing Wednesday 17

Interview with a character: Gabriel // Word Count: 179 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 17

This Was A Day: June 18

A personal post on how my day was, this time actually posted on the day I’m relaying. // Word Count: 608 Continue Reading This Was A Day: June 18

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