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Thoughts On Change

My hometown has changed over the years, and it had me thinking about this big concept of “Change” and what it means and what it means to me. // Word Count: 628 Continue Reading Thoughts On Change

Writing Wednesday 10

Part 1 of a 4-part suite of poems. Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 10

A Typical Boy Day

I am bigender. Some days I am a boy, like today. Though the dysphoria is lessened and I feel more comfortable, it still isn’t perfect. // Word Count: 971 Continue Reading A Typical Boy Day

Month In Review: April 2016

A photographic look back on April as I meander into May. I’m delighted to start a new month. // Word Count: 447 Continue Reading Month In Review: April 2016

Therapy Diary: Day 6

Personal diary on my experiences with short-term therapy. May be triggering to those with mental illnesses. Day 6: The sixth session. // Word Count: 687 Continue Reading Therapy Diary: Day 6

Blue and white paint splattered and dripping down a black wall.

Writing Wednesday 09

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 09

Writing Wednesday 08

An intertextual poem using “Town” by Hannah Stephenson. This is about Windsor, the city I only live in. // Word Count: 358 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 08

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