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2nd Quarter Goals for 2018

I love working on goals by quarter. I already do month-by-month goals, but having ones that I can work on over a longer span of time is great for me. I still have flexibility, since the goals could be accomplished in 3 weeks, but also have more time to invest on my goals.

Over the next 13 weeks, I have a number of goals that I want to work on and achieve by the summer!

Writing Goals
Creative Goals
Personal Goals
Freelance Goals

I’m keeping my month-by-month goals private and in my bullet journal for the time being, especially because my goals can fluctuate over time.

Two of my projects are secret ones, but they will be revealed over the next few weeks and months! I want to do a lot of creating as we go into spring and summer. Art, design, and writing are my top priorities.

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  1. Georgie says:

    I used to be big on sharing my goals on my blog, then I stopped. But when I did my 27 by 27 I decided to share that one, haha. I can understand why you want to keep some private… also, the secret projects have me wondering. 😉

    1 book a week certainly sounds doable! Same with the blogging twice a week. I’m gonna do my best to keep up with the reading, honestly, it wouldn’t be that hard if I didn’t have 200 unread in my feed reader 😆 I’ve just found it easier to read yours because there’s less to read now that I caught up with yours specifically. HAHA.