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What I Learned From 2 Years of Bullet Journalling

I’ve been using a bullet journal for 2 years and I’ve learned a lot! I made four observations since February 2016, and I have some tips for starting a bullet journal of your own. Continue Reading What I Learned From 2 Years of Bullet Journalling

Life After University

It’s been just over a year since I left university. I reflect a bit on what’s happened since then, as well as what I’m looking at for the very scary and very imminent future. Continue Reading Life After University

Making Reading Private and Personal

I’ve made a change in how I share my reading habits. No longer will I be updating Goodreads to let people know what I’m reading or what’s on my TBR! Continue Reading Making Reading Private and Personal

A bookshelf that is not my "to be read" shelf.

Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

I have a lot of thoughts about body positivity. The current “trends” in the movement are difficult for me to support. This is a long critique of how body positivity makes me uncomfortable. There are four aspects to this social stance that make the movement feel like another unattainable standard for me. Continue Reading Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

4 Reasons Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

Website Housekeeping: Privacy Policy

This is just a quick post to inform my readers that I’ve updated my website to include a plain English privacy policy, striving to keep in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP).

Considering I’m a small, personal blog and professional website, there isn’t much data I collect from visitors. However, there is some data collected from all visitors, and additional information collected from users who comment on my blog posts.

The privacy policy aims to make it explicitly clear what data is collected, where it is shared, and who is collecting it. I run this site using WordPress on a self-hosted domain, so I am very much in control of what data collection services are implemented on the site via plug-ins, third party programs, and back-end user access. I’m confident that my methods, along with those of the services I use, keep your personal data confidential and secure. (That is, what minimal personal data is collected!)

You are able to read the privacy policy here at any time, as it is linked on every page at the bottom of my website.

At the bottom of the website is also a notification, on every page, to my visitors regarding the implicit and explicit consent given by visiting and interacting with this website. Implicit consent is the consent you give to my website when you visit it, as data is instantly shared upon loading my website. Explicit consent requires your confirmation that the data is being voluntarily given to the website, such as comments and contact forms. Comments have an additional notification in the form regarding data collection.

I’m a tiny website and I don’t need much visitor data in order to run. But I do take your confidentiality, personal data, and safety seriously.

May Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

While my weekly layouts weren’t great, my monthly bullet journal spreads for May were a little better! Let’s talk about some of the things that worked, and some that didn’t. Not all monthly bullet journal spreads are created equal. Here are some that I likely won’t do again. Continue Reading May Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

May Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads