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Month In Review: May 2018

May was a bit of a struggle for me because of my mental health and some minor stressors. Here’s a quick review of May’s changes, conflicts, celebrations, and more. I also have a few goals for June. Continue Reading Month In Review: May 2018

My Ugly Bullet Journal Spreads

Not all of my planning is pretty or Instagram-worthy. I’ve learned to make peace with and appreciate the pages in my bujo that look like garbage. Sometimes the ugly things in life are a reflection of something wrong, and my planner is the same way. Here are a few ugly bullet journal spreads that I appreciate. Continue Reading My Ugly Bullet Journal Spreads

5 Reasons To Read Poetry

A quick post to give my fellow novel writers some reasons and encouragement to branch out into reading poetry. Poetry is an incredible artform for writers. Really, this short post is just to share my love of poetry. There’s also some recommended reading! Continue Reading 5 Reasons To Read Poetry

5 Bullet Journal Hacks

Get more out of your planner with some of these bullet journal hacks! They’ll help you stay on track with your life and goals, as well as give you something new to try to avoid planner burnout. One of these bullet journal hacks is probably one you haven’t seen before, since it’s not for your bullet journal. // Photo Count: 4 Continue Reading 5 Bullet Journal Hacks

5 Bullet Journal Hacks

When My Mental Illness Is Bad

What happens when mental illness is bad and difficult to manage? What are signs that my mental health needs to be improved or treated? I discuss how my personality and moods can change when my mental illness is bad and I can negatively affecting the people around me. Continue Reading When My Mental Illness Is Bad

When My Mental Illness Is Bad

Launching A Patreon

I’ve launched a Patreon page! This post briefly explains my reasons for choosing Patreon, how I hope it supports me in the future, and a bit of what my social media followers can expect with this change. Continue Reading Launching A Patreon