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C25K Journey, Part 2

A short check-in for how my running (er, lack of running) has been! // Word Count: 484 Continue Reading C25K Journey, Part 2

My Bullet Journal Index

I started off over a year ago not using the indexing or table of contents system that the original bullet journal system uses. Now? That’s changed. // Word Count: 502 // Photo Count: 2 Continue Reading My Bullet Journal Index

Literary Tips: Narrator

Here are my tips on making sure you’ve wrangled together a narrator, along with some questions to help you consider the role of your narrator. // Word Count: 1036 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Narrator

June 2017 Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

June sees me back to my regular larger and more complex layouts for my monthly spreads! I’m excited to show you the new things I’m trying for the next five weeks.
// Word Count: 533 // Photo Count: 3 Continue Reading June 2017 Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

Questioning, Part 2

This part of my questioning focuses on confusion and isolation, and the very real fear that questioning myself will lead to loss in the future. // Word Count: 840 Continue Reading Questioning, Part 2