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Month In Review: May 2017

A very short look at May. // Word Count: 230 Continue Reading Month In Review: May 2017

C25K Journey: Part 1

I’ve started doing a Couch to 5K program with an Android app. Here’s an updated on the first part of my journey and my first 4 runs. // Word Count: 891 Continue Reading C25K Journey: Part 1

Bullet Journal Routines

A quick outline of the small routines I have with my bullet journal. // Word Count: 400 Continue Reading Bullet Journal Routines

My PTSD, Triggers And How I Manage Them

I discuss my triggers, how they affect my mental health, which triggers stem from PTSD and which don’t, and how I manage it all. CW: triggers such as self-harm, death, mutilation. Nothing is too detailed. // Word Count: 914 Continue Reading My PTSD, Triggers And How I Manage Them

Bullet Journal Breaks: Starting and Ending Them

Here is my advice and experience with taking a break, intentionally or unintentionally, from your bullet journal, and what to do when you’re done your break. // Word Count: 1171 Continue Reading Bullet Journal Breaks: Starting and Ending Them

Quick Blog Update!

This is a quick update to say I’m reducing my posts from three times a week to only twice a week. Here is the new change.

I’m focusing more on my work starting this month, and by “work” I mean creating art, writing stories and poetry, and editing fellow writers’ work. (If you’re interested in hiring me, I’m available to take on more clients for the start of June!)

I may only test this out for the month. At the start of May, I decided to be more spontaneous in my hobbies, and up the seriousness of the artistic crafts I’ve been wanting to focus on for so long. I’m hoping to update more often with my writing and artistic projects, rather than providing more posts.

Besides, I’m screaming on Twitter often enough that we don’t really need to read me three times per week here.

You’ll get another post on Monday, so thanks for being patient with me.

Thanks for understanding!

May 2017 Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

A quick look at the 4 pages I’m using for my May monthly spreads! I’m excited to get back to the creative and artistic aspect of my bujo. Word Count: 442 // Photo Count: 2 Continue Reading May 2017 Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads