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Month In Review: April 2017

The first full month of spring has passed us by, and we’re heading toward sunnier times. // Word Count: 367 Continue Reading Month In Review: April 2017

Writing Resource Roundup: Revision

This month’s roundup features articles, posts, and blogs that deal with revising your writing. // Word Count: 238 Continue Reading Writing Resource Roundup: Revision

BuJo Comparison: April 2016 and April 2017

I started my bullet journal just over a year ago. Here is a comparison of April then and now. // Word Count: 380 // Photo Count: 3 Continue Reading BuJo Comparison: April 2016 and April 2017

My Hometown

At the end of this month, I’m returning to my hometown where I grew up, after four and a half years living in Windsor. This is a nostalgia post. // Word Count: 620 Continue Reading My Hometown

Literary Tips: Description

Sometimes writers get caught up in the small, visual details; fall prey to “white room syndrome”; or have zero balance and over- and under-describe spontaneously. Here are my tips on writing description. // Word Count: 1127 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Description

April 2017 Bullet Journal Spread Check-in

Since I changed up my spreads (or rather, spread) for April, I’m checking in halfway through the month to see how it worked. // Word Count: 186 Continue Reading April 2017 Bullet Journal Spread Check-in

My PTSD And Motivation

PTSD affects my motivation, goal setting, and my ability to “achieve” things. // Word Count: 804 Continue Reading My PTSD And Motivation

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