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Month In Review: March 2017

Heading into spring, I look back at my second-last month in Windsor. // Word Count: 336 Continue Reading Month In Review: March 2017

Writing Resource Roundup: Motivation

I’ve scoured for some great articles on maintaining motivation during writing, so here are some of the pieces I found! // Word Count: 477 Continue Reading Writing Resource Roundup: Motivation

March Weekly BuJo Spreads

A quick overview of my bare spreads from March. // Word Count: 260 // Photo Count: 4 Continue Reading March Weekly BuJo Spreads

2017: 2nd Quarter

I’m checking in for my goals for April, May, and June, and seeing how well I achieved my goals for January, February, and March! // Word Count: 720 Continue Reading 2017: 2nd Quarter

How to Use Dreams for Writing

Here are a few tips to adapt your dreams to be used in stories! // Word Count: 600 Continue Reading How to Use Dreams for Writing

My Favourite BuJo Supplies

A short list of some of my favourite bullet journal supplies! // Word Count: 270 Continue Reading My Favourite BuJo Supplies

Mindfulness for My Mental Health

A quick post on the ways that mindfulness has helped my mental health. // Word Count: 455 Continue Reading Mindfulness for My Mental Health

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