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Writing Wednesday 05

An old poem revisited. Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 05

Types of Writer’s Block: What Are Good Ideas??

I outline one of the many forms of writer’s block that may be stopping you from enjoying writing–or stopping your writing altogether. This type focuses on when your ideas are lacking, feel like shit, or can’t mesh well together. Continue Reading Types of Writer’s Block: What Are Good Ideas??

Writing Wednesday 04

A flash fiction about some friends, inspired by a childhood setting that no longer exists. // Word Count: 755 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 04

Therapy Diary: Day 4

Personal diary on my experiences with short-term therapy. May be triggering to those with mental illnesses. Day 4: The fourth session. // Word Count: 392 Continue Reading Therapy Diary: Day 4

Blue and white paint splattered and dripping down a black wall.

Writing Wednesday 03

There’s a creek in my hometown that I love, despite the changes since I first began loving it. This is a poem. // Word Count: 297 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 03

Literary Tips: Metaphor

A short lesson—and my personal advice—on one of the most basic (or rather, well-known) literary devices available to writers. // Word Count: 817 Continue Reading Literary Tips: Metaphor

Writing Wednesday 02

A poem about adventure through nostalgia. And nature. Always nature… Continue Reading Writing Wednesday 02

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