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Month In Review: January 2016

A review of January, highlighting achievements, thoughts on the past weeks, and goals for the next month. // Word Count: 415 Continue Reading Month In Review: January 2016

Month In Review: January--A review of January and my hopes and goals for February.

Types of Writer’s Block: I’m A Fake

I outline one of the many forms of writer’s block that may be stopping you from enjoying writing–or stopping your writing altogether. This type focuses on the feeling that you’re not really a writer, or that you’re just pretending to call yourself one. // Word Count: 705 Continue Reading Types of Writer’s Block: I’m A Fake

Night #1

A dream-slash-nightmare journal. I think this also counts as creative writing. This entry features landscapes and strange creatures. // Word Count: 515 Continue Reading Night #1

Therapy Diary: Day 0

Personal diary on my experiences with short-term therapy. May be triggering to those with mental illnesses. Day 0: Making the appointment. // Word Count: 554 Continue Reading Therapy Diary: Day 0

Blue and white paint splattered and dripping down a black wall.

Aside: 01-14-2016

A revelation: I’m not going to die or starve if I let my tummy rumble for a bit. Let my body remember the physical cues. This is progress. I am allowed to feel hunger.

The Fate of “Writing Magic” As A Lit Major

I have lost the Magic that comes with writing, and I blame my studies as a Literature Major… as well as myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ // Word Count: 595 Continue Reading The Fate of “Writing Magic” As A Lit Major

2016 Goals

A brief list of 9 goals I’d like to accomplish in 2016. Some relate to writing, others relate to health (physical and mental, of course). // Word Count: 255 Continue Reading 2016 Goals

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