Therapy Diary: Day 1

Personal diary on my experiences with short-term therapy. May be triggering to those with mental illnesses. Day 1: The first session. // Word Count: 710

Types of Writer's Block: I'm A Fake

I outline one of the many forms of writer’s block that may be stopping you from enjoying writing–or stopping your writing altogether. This type focuses on the feeling that you’re not really a writer, or that you’re just pretending to call yourself one. // Word Count: 705

So I watched Bambi for the first time in many, many years last night. Here is a summary:

oh wow we’re in the forest and there are lots of animals everywhere.
Bambi: what dis. what dis? what dis. bir. bir. birD.
Bambi’s mama: yo let’s go to the meadow. it’s wonderful.
Bambi: aw shit yaaaas!
Bambi: O_O danger exists in the world
Bambi’s daddy: I’m a boss-ass bitch.
Bambi: damn.
girl fawn: hey.
Bambi: ….. *blushes*
Bambi in winter: what dis? what dis? am I eating bark? holy shit, grass in the meadow!!!!
Bambi’s mama: I fucked up I fucked up I fuc–*dead* (40 minutes, or 2/3, of the film have gone by)
Bambi: WE’RE SAFE!! oh, wait, nevermind. aw shit. now I gotta live with dad.
springtime and every animal is horny.
grumpy, antisocial owl: y’all gonna get horny
Bambi, skunk-I-always-thought-was-a-girl, and Thumper: nah.
~*~*~fifteen minute sequence of the animals getting courted in the most euphemistic “this is lust” scene from Disney~*~*~
now Bambi fights an aggressive, abusive deer for that one female deer from earlier whose name I legitimately cannot hear properly.
Bambi’s daddy: yo look at these Men. they’re gonna fuck up everything.
suddenly everything is on fire.
Bambi knocks up his lady, who gives birth to twins, and then fucks off into the forest with his dad.


Night #1

A dream-slash-nightmare journal. I think this also counts as creative writing. This entry features landscapes and strange creatures. // Word Count: 515

Therapy Diary: Day 0

Personal diary on my experiences with short-term therapy. May be triggering to those with mental illnesses. Day 0: Making the appointment. // Word Count: 554

A revelation: I’m not going to die or starve if I let my tummy rumble for a bit. Let my body remember the physical cues. This is progress. I am allowed to feel hunger. 0