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My name is Coryl o’Reilly and I’m a Canadian student of Spanish Language, English Literature, and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor. CorylDork functions primarily as a blog, though I do have information about me and my creative writing projects. I also feature a chunk of resources for fellow writers, since I know I also love to procrastinate on actual writing by doing slightly-related writing things.

I’m a writer and aspiring novelist obsessed with grammar, meteorology, and music. I blog semi-sporadically: once weekly every Wednesday for #WritingWednesday, and occasionally other times. #WritingWednesday features prompts for poetry and prose, and the occasional excerpt from a larger project, while my remaining blog posts are whatever the hell I want.

Stay a while!

Note: If you’re offended by “fuck” and “shit” and talk of sex, then my blog posts and some of my writing are not for you. My writing resources are exempt of all naughty words.