Welcome to, the blog and online writing portfolio of Coryl o'Reilly, a Canadian female individual, who is sarcastic, fickle, and most often described as being cute, adorable, and intimidating (by the same people, go figure).

This blog is not suited for individuals offended by people who curse like sailors. Even if you aren't offended, it may still not be suited, since Coryl tends to curse worse than a sailor—more like a pirate.

Coryl [kor-uhl] noun
a silly, in-touch person who tends to look awesome and behave ridiculously around others; she has a blog you can read, and you can also read about the girl herself

Dork [dawrk] noun
slang a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others

.org [org] noun
a top-level domain (TLD) chosen by Coryl because the or sound was consistent in the website name